Vice Principal’s Message

Ms. Rachna Mishra
(Vice Principal)
As long as I live, so long do I learn.
-Shri Ram Krishna Paramhansa.

Every child is a unique power store and treasure house of numerous qualities that need a platform to polish, chisel and showcase. The blend of curriculum and co-curricular activities at D.P.S.Jankipuram help each student to think out of box so that the learning extends our textbooks. We aim to successfully reach out and cater to the needs of every child and help them to carve their path in life. Every child has humongous potential and we strive to help them realize their true potential. And while we are at it, we try to make this journey an amalgamation of beautiful experience. Every endeavor put in by the school family has helped us in attaining academic wonders and setting landmarks in various fields.
We have achieved many a mile stones and the world is ours to conquer.