Principal's Message

Ms. Neeru Bhaskar
( Principal )

“The Old Order Changeth Yielding Place to the New.”

‘Change’ is the buzz-word of the new educational scenario. When we explore we find young kids are more adaptive, updated & tech-savvy than us.

At times like these, the most important goal that we as Educators have set for ourselves is to keep the child connected to his roots and at the same time enable them to meet the challenges of new changing times.

At DPS Jankipuram, the child is firmly at the heart of our work.

Apart from developing four basic skills of learning i.e. Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening we would like our students to have four major skills. Ability to Communicate & Express Effectively, Ability to Ask Questions, Ability to Find & Make Use of Resources Around Them, Ability to Think Critically and most importantly Learn to Be Happy.

Besides honing the academic skills of the child, it is our constant endeavour to pass right values amongst our students and instill in them feelings of compassion and empathy towards fellow beings.

We hope to pass on not only great scholars but also sensitive, compassionate and responsible young adults to the society.