Pro Vice Chairman's Message

Mr. Mukhtarul Amin
(Pro Vice Chairman)
“With stones of faith we can build bridges across oceans of doubt and seas of depth. Success is an island in our mind. We can and we will get there.”
This holds true for our Pro-Vice Chairman Mr. Mukhtarul Amin who is truly a role model to all of us, a leader whom we like to emulate and an individual who has laid a path for all us to follow.
He believes integrity often requires nothing more than showing respect and trust in one’s conscience .His motto is to ensure that the Culture of Excellence is imparted to the students.
He is a man with a mission and always looking for new challenges.
Mr. Mukhtarul Amin does not view the foray into education as a business. For him it is a means of moulding minds and creating future Global Citizens.
His dream is to ensure that the qualities like compassion and perseverance are instilled among the students and they become innovative, creative and passionate individuals where they ‘dream of the future, instead of digging up the past’.