Teachers' Upgradation Programme

Teachers' Upgradation Programme
Blueprint for School Leadership Superhouse Education Foundation 21-Dec-2018 The Principal
Road Safety Up Govt 18-Dec-2018 Mr. Pramendra Mishra
Early Childhood Education HRD Centre 10-Dec-2018 Ms. Rashi Narula
Gender Sensitivity CBSE 15-Dec-2018 Ms. Sumbul Khan and Ms Swati
Robotics Workshop Superhouse Education Foundation 03-Dec-2018 Mr. Anshul Gupta , Ms. Arpana, Mr. Ashutosh.
Orientation Training Programme for School Teachers on Learning and Behavioural Problems NIPCCD 27-Nov-2018 Ms. Shipra Bhardwaj & Ms. Swati Saxena
Capacity building Workshop on English for Middle School Teacher HRD Center DPS Dwarka 14-Nov-2018 Ms. Nandini Mukherjee
Early Childhood Education CBSE 11-Oct-2018 Ms. Rashi Narula & Ms. Sarmishtha Sengupta
Classroom Management CBSE 11-Oct-2018 Mr. Sanjay Mishra & Mr. Avanish Dubey
Teaching Economics in Changing World DPSS 28-Aug-2018 Ms. Asma
Capacity Building Workshop on English Language and Literature - Class IX CBSE 30-Aug-2018 Ms. Deepanwita Mukherjee, Ms. Nandini Mukherjee and Ms. Shuchi Agarwal
Stay Safe in Cyber Space DPS Noida 25-Aug-2018 Mr. Praveen attended the Training Session at DPS Noida
Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act 2012 for School Teachers NIPCCD 01-Aug-2018 Ms. Geeta and Ms. Mariyam attended two days workshop
Remodelled structure of Assessment CBSE 28-Jul-2018 Mr. Sanjay Singh Tomar , Ms. Samriddhi, Ms. Bani and Ms. ShuchiAgarwal
Academic Summer Camp Teachers 18-Jul-2018 All teachers of Class I to VIII
Academic Camp 2018 Superhouse Education Foundation 02-Jun-2018 Class I to VIII teachers
Robotics Workshop Mr. Karthik from Jay Robotics, Hyderabad 23-May-2018 Mr. Anshul and Mr. Praveen
‘Mainstreaming Health and Physical and Education Programme in Class IX to XII in CBSE schools' . Sahodaya 19-May-2018 Mr. Sheshmani and Ms. Manisha
Handwriting and Calligraphy Workshop Superhouse Education Foundation 05-May-2018 Ms. Shweta , Ms. Zeba , Ms. Tulika
Personality Development Session Ms. Soumya 27-Apr-2018 Ms. Madhumita, Ms. Chaitali,Ms. Deepanwita, Ms. Nandini, Ms. Ankit
Vedic Maths Workshop Mr. Shobhit 12-Apr-2018 Ms. Bani, Ms. Sandhya, Ms. Astha, Mr. Manish and Ms. Roli.
Abacus Workshop Mr. Shobhit 12-Apr-2018 Ms. Deeba ,MsKamlesh , Ms. Megha , Ms. Mansi , Ms. Astha and Ms. Roli.
Best Teaching Practices in School Education for School Leaders' School 18-Feb-2018 Mr. Faraz and Ms. Deeksha
Gender Sensitivity CBSE 20-Mar-2018 Ms. Geeta and Ms. Deeksha
'Gender Sensitivity' Ms. Geeta and Ms. Deeksha 21-Mar-2018 All the teachers
BODMAS Superhouse 22-Jan-2018 Ms. Astha and Ms. Deeba
Reinventing Schools - Inspiring Educators at U.P. the Nation Wide Talk Series Rock Sport 18-Jan-2018 The Principal
Orientation Programe on Cambridge Mr. Rakshit Bhatnagar 26-Dec-2017 English Teacher
Professional Development in Educational Management DPS Society HRD Center Dwarka, New Delhi 14-Nov-2017 Ms. Rachna Mishra (Vice-Principal)
Professional Development in Educational Management DPS Society HRD Center Dwarka, New Delhi 19-Jun-2017 Ms. Rachna Mishra (Vice-Principal)
Induction Programme for School Leaders DPS Society 25-May-2017 Ms. Neeru Bhaskar (Principal)
Orientation Programme on Learning & Behavioural Problems NIPCCD 07-Nov-2017 Ms Vinodhini
Inclusion And Inclusive Strategy CBSE 26-Oct-2017 The Principal
Robotics workshop Superhouse 10-Oct-2017 Mr. Anshul& Mr. Praveen attended.
Good Touch and Bad Touch Counsellor and Ms Anisha 25-Sep-2017 Girls of Class VI and VII
Regional Summit for School Principals on Aggression in school children- Causes Prevention & Management School 12-Dec-2017 The Principal & a Teacher Ms. Geeta Uniyal
Remodelled Assessment Pattern CBSE 29-Aug-2017 The Principal and Exam Incharges
Innovative Ideas to change the world NIE 22-Aug-2017 Class XI
CCE Workshop on " RemodelledAssesment Pattern" Lucknow Sahodaya 13-Aug-2017 5 Teachers attended it.
Staff Growth Plan workshop (follow up) Vice Principal 12-Aug-2017 All the Teachers
Sanskrit Language at Middle & Secondary School DPS Society 02-Aug-2017 Ms Samriddhi
Career Counselling Workshop T.I.M.E 27-Jun-2017 Classes XI and XII
‘’Social Science: The Teaching & Learning of Geography(VI to VIII) DPS Society 24-Jul-2017 Ms. Pallavi
Hindi Language at Middle and Secondary School Level Ms. Anvita Verma & Mr. Avnish Dubey 22-Jul-2017 Hindi Department
Classroom Management Ms Deeba and Ms Shagun 08-Jul-2017 Teachers of Class I to VIII
Staff Growth Planand Ways of Effective Communication Mr Das 03-Jul-2017 All the Teachers
Classroom Management CBSE 29-Jun-2017 Ms Deeba and Ms Shagun
Hindi Workshop – Utkarsh DPS Society 06-May-2017 Ms Anvita and Mr Awanish
Induction Programme Ms Pallavi, Ms Purna, Ms Atulima, Ms Shubhra 27-May-2017 Teachers of Class III to VIII
Making Maths Easy Ms Sandhya, Ms Deeba, Ms Roli 20-May-2017 Maths Department
Robotics Training Jay Robotics 15-May-2017 Mr Anshul and Ms Deepti
Induction Programme DPS Society 08-May-2017 Ms Atulima and Ms Pallavi
Induction Programme DPS Society 04-May-2017 Ms Purna and Ms Shubhra
Induction Programme for new teachers DPS Society 26-Apr-2017 Ms Ruchi Bharti and Ms Geetanjali Das.
SNF Workshop- Safe and Nutritious Food LPC 28-Mar-2017 Ms Laxmi and Ms Shubhra
English Teachers Ms Leena Kapoor 22-Apr-2017 Teachers (English)of Class I to VIII
e-Care Mr. Avinendra Srivastava 12-Apr-2017 All the teachers
MS Excel Mr Anshul 08-Apr-2017 Teachers of Class III to VIII