Teachers' Upgradation Programme

Teachers' Upgradation Programme
Classroom Management CBSE 31-Aug-2019 Ms. Deepali Tewari
Teaching and Learning of English Langugae and Litreature DPSS 29-Aug-2019 Ms. Shuchi Agarwal
Leadership Enrichment for Leaders Lucknow Sahodhaya 04-Aug-2019 The Principal, Ms. Monica, Ms. Deepanwita, and Ms. Shuchi
CTET CBSE 06-Jul-2019 Mr. Anshul and Mr. Emmanuel attended the meeting
CTET CBSE 06-Jul-2019 Mr. Anshul and Mr. Emmanuel attended the meeting
Teaching and Learning of Commerce DPSS 18-Jul-2019 Mr. Shashank
Give your best Ms. Swati 27-Jul-2019 Students of Class XI and XII
BalikaSuraksha 'Kavach' Mahila Kalyan Vibhag and Police Department 22-Jul-2019 Senior students attended it
Animation Training Superhouse Education Foundation 20-May-2019 Ms. Kavita
Counsellor Workshop Superhouse Education Foundation 18-May-2019 Ms Swati
PDP Trainers Workshop Superhouse Education Foundation. 16-May-2019 Ms.Madhumita and Ms.Sultana
Mathematics Academic Camp BySuperHouse Education Foundatio 18-May-2019 Ms.Megha Gupta, Ms.Shifa Sultan, Ms.Roli Mishra and Mr.Yogesh
Capacity Building Programme on Classroom Management CBSE 19-May-2019 Ms.RuchiPandey.
Capacity Building Programme on Inclusion and Inclusive Strategies CBSE 08-May-2019 Ms.Deepali attended the workshop
Career Counselling- CLAT Legal Sapiens 19-May-2019 Students of Class XI and XII attended the Career Counsellingprogramme
Career Counselling Legal Sapiens 17-May-2019 Students of Class XI and XII attended the Career Counsellingprogramme
EduCONFLUENCE DPS Jankipuram in collaboration with USIEF - Education USA, 22-Apr-2019 Representatives of 20 American Universities came and interacted with the senior students making them aware of the choices available for Study in America …. Rightly Tagged "Chalo America”
Career Counselling Ms Mariam and MrAnshul 27-Apr-2019 Students of Class XI and XII
Excursion to Nainital Rocksport 29-Apr-2019 Students of Class V to XII
Blueprint for School Leadership Superhouse Education Foundation 21-Dec-2018 The Principal
Road Safety Up Govt 18-Dec-2018 Mr. Pramendra Mishra
Early Childhood Education HRD Centre 10-Dec-2018 Ms. Rashi Narula
Gender Sensitivity CBSE 15-Dec-2018 Ms. Sumbul Khan and Ms Swati
Robotics Workshop Superhouse Education Foundation 03-Dec-2018 Mr. Anshul Gupta , Ms. Arpana, Mr. Ashutosh.
Orientation Training Programme for School Teachers on Learning and Behavioural Problems NIPCCD 27-Nov-2018 Ms. Shipra Bhardwaj & Ms. Swati Saxena
Capacity building Workshop on English for Middle School Teacher HRD Center DPS Dwarka 14-Nov-2018 Ms. Nandini Mukherjee
Early Childhood Education CBSE 11-Oct-2018 Ms. Rashi Narula & Ms. Sarmishtha Sengupta
Classroom Management CBSE 11-Oct-2018 Mr. Sanjay Mishra & Mr. Avanish Dubey
Teaching Economics in Changing World DPSS 28-Aug-2018 Ms. Asma
Capacity Building Workshop on English Language and Literature - Class IX CBSE 30-Aug-2018 Ms. Deepanwita Mukherjee, Ms. Nandini Mukherjee and Ms. Shuchi Agarwal
Stay Safe in Cyber Space DPS Noida 25-Aug-2018 Mr. Praveen attended the Training Session at DPS Noida
Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act 2012 for School Teachers NIPCCD 01-Aug-2018 Ms. Geeta and Ms. Mariyam attended two days workshop
Remodelled structure of Assessment CBSE 28-Jul-2018 Mr. Sanjay Singh Tomar , Ms. Samriddhi, Ms. Bani and Ms. ShuchiAgarwal
Academic Summer Camp Teachers 18-Jul-2018 All teachers of Class I to VIII
Academic Camp 2018 Superhouse Education Foundation 02-Jun-2018 Class I to VIII teachers
Robotics Workshop Mr. Karthik from Jay Robotics, Hyderabad 23-May-2018 Mr. Anshul and Mr. Praveen
‘Mainstreaming Health and Physical and Education Programme in Class IX to XII in CBSE schools' . Sahodaya 19-May-2018 Mr. Sheshmani and Ms. Manisha
Handwriting and Calligraphy Workshop Superhouse Education Foundation 05-May-2018 Ms. Shweta , Ms. Zeba , Ms. Tulika
Personality Development Session Ms. Soumya 27-Apr-2018 Ms. Madhumita, Ms. Chaitali,Ms. Deepanwita, Ms. Nandini, Ms. Ankit
Vedic Maths Workshop Mr. Shobhit 12-Apr-2018 Ms. Bani, Ms. Sandhya, Ms. Astha, Mr. Manish and Ms. Roli.
Abacus Workshop Mr. Shobhit 12-Apr-2018 Ms. Deeba ,MsKamlesh , Ms. Megha , Ms. Mansi , Ms. Astha and Ms. Roli.
Best Teaching Practices in School Education for School Leaders' School 18-Feb-2018 Mr. Faraz and Ms. Deeksha
Gender Sensitivity CBSE 20-Mar-2018 Ms. Geeta and Ms. Deeksha
'Gender Sensitivity' Ms. Geeta and Ms. Deeksha 21-Mar-2018 All the teachers
BODMAS Superhouse 22-Jan-2018 Ms. Astha and Ms. Deeba
Reinventing Schools - Inspiring Educators at U.P. the Nation Wide Talk Series Rock Sport 18-Jan-2018 The Principal
Orientation Programe on Cambridge Mr. Rakshit Bhatnagar 26-Dec-2017 English Teacher
Professional Development in Educational Management DPS Society HRD Center Dwarka, New Delhi 14-Nov-2017 Ms. Rachna Mishra (Vice-Principal)
Professional Development in Educational Management DPS Society HRD Center Dwarka, New Delhi 19-Jun-2017 Ms. Rachna Mishra (Vice-Principal)
Induction Programme for School Leaders DPS Society 25-May-2017 Ms. Neeru Bhaskar (Principal)
Orientation Programme on Learning & Behavioural Problems NIPCCD 07-Nov-2017 Ms Vinodhini
Inclusion And Inclusive Strategy CBSE 26-Oct-2017 The Principal
Robotics workshop Superhouse 10-Oct-2017 Mr. Anshul& Mr. Praveen attended.
Good Touch and Bad Touch Counsellor and Ms Anisha 25-Sep-2017 Girls of Class VI and VII
Regional Summit for School Principals on Aggression in school children- Causes Prevention & Management School 12-Dec-2017 The Principal & a Teacher Ms. Geeta Uniyal
Remodelled Assessment Pattern CBSE 29-Aug-2017 The Principal and Exam Incharges
Innovative Ideas to change the world NIE 22-Aug-2017 Class XI
CCE Workshop on " RemodelledAssesment Pattern" Lucknow Sahodaya 13-Aug-2017 5 Teachers attended it.
Staff Growth Plan workshop (follow up) Vice Principal 12-Aug-2017 All the Teachers
Sanskrit Language at Middle & Secondary School DPS Society 02-Aug-2017 Ms Samriddhi
Career Counselling Workshop T.I.M.E 27-Jun-2017 Classes XI and XII
‘’Social Science: The Teaching & Learning of Geography(VI to VIII) DPS Society 24-Jul-2017 Ms. Pallavi
Hindi Language at Middle and Secondary School Level Ms. Anvita Verma & Mr. Avnish Dubey 22-Jul-2017 Hindi Department
Classroom Management Ms Deeba and Ms Shagun 08-Jul-2017 Teachers of Class I to VIII
Staff Growth Planand Ways of Effective Communication Mr Das 03-Jul-2017 All the Teachers
Classroom Management CBSE 29-Jun-2017 Ms Deeba and Ms Shagun
Hindi Workshop – Utkarsh DPS Society 06-May-2017 Ms Anvita and Mr Awanish
Induction Programme Ms Pallavi, Ms Purna, Ms Atulima, Ms Shubhra 27-May-2017 Teachers of Class III to VIII
Making Maths Easy Ms Sandhya, Ms Deeba, Ms Roli 20-May-2017 Maths Department
Robotics Training Jay Robotics 15-May-2017 Mr Anshul and Ms Deepti
Induction Programme DPS Society 08-May-2017 Ms Atulima and Ms Pallavi
Induction Programme DPS Society 04-May-2017 Ms Purna and Ms Shubhra
Induction Programme for new teachers DPS Society 26-Apr-2017 Ms Ruchi Bharti and Ms Geetanjali Das.
SNF Workshop- Safe and Nutritious Food LPC 28-Mar-2017 Ms Laxmi and Ms Shubhra
English Teachers Ms Leena Kapoor 22-Apr-2017 Teachers (English)of Class I to VIII
e-Care Mr. Avinendra Srivastava 12-Apr-2017 All the teachers
MS Excel Mr Anshul 08-Apr-2017 Teachers of Class III to VIII